We are using world latest green technology


We design

Pollution Prevention, Alternative Transportation, Stormwater Design

Water Efficiency

We care

Water Reduction, Waste water Technologies, Efficient Landscaping

Energy and CO2, VOC Emission

We reduce

Optimize Energy Performance, Renewable Energy, Green Power

Materials and Resources

We reuse

Materials Reuse, Regional Materials, Waste Management

Indoor Air Quality

We maintain

Low-Emitting Materials, VOC Control, Thermal Comfort

Building the future together

AJ Corporation Ltd is a high-end boutique real estate company. Our projects are characterized by innovative futuristic planning solutions and design Features befitting the 21st century.

We believe in meticulous detail, high precision and top quality. We believe in creating and celebrating our creations. We partner with clients who believe in our creative genius. When creating we think outside the box, we think green, we think space and durability, and we think aesthetics the future.

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